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IS audit and security assessment

IS audit and security assessment

Information and information systems are the most important assets of any company, organization or enterprise. Information is stored in various forms: electronically on PCs, laptops or servers, on paper, in the form of oral speech, etc. Illegal or unconscious actions to destroy, change, block, copy, distribute information can lead to significant material or reputational damage for the company and its clients. To minimize or eliminate potential risks, companies implement information security systems that implement and provide protective measures.

Most often, the protective measures used comply with the requirements of regulatory documents, industry standards, laws and regulations of the Russian Federation. After assessing the information security of the IT infrastructure, a set of information security documents is developed and implemented that comply with the best global practices and regulatory requirements. This plays a significant role in reducing information security risks and contributes to achieving the company’s information security goals in a short time.

Rosukrep, having many years of practical experience and strong expertise, offers as part of an IT infrastructure security audit:

  • evaluate the architecture and configuration of the network infrastructure, as well as existing technical means of information security that take part in ensuring its security
  • conduct external and internal pentests
  • analyze identified vulnerabilities and prepare recommendations for their elimination

As the results of our work, we transfer to the Customer:

  • detected network infrastructure vulnerabilities
  • recommendations on improvement

Advantages of Rosukrep

  • Comprehensive independent assessment of the level of security of the IT infrastructure
  • Thanks to our recommendations, you will optimize your IT infrastructure in accordance with current industry information security requirements and improve the quality of your internal management and control system
  • Increase the level of confidentiality of commercial and other important information, protect against unauthorized access and viruses
  • Reduce the human factor in critical aspects of IT, strengthen security at all levels: applications, OS, physical, virtual, network infrastructure, etc.
  • Eliminate unnecessary costs for IT and information security
  • Reduce the likelihood of reputational losses