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IT infrastructure audit

IT infrastructure audit

An IT infrastructure audit is an inventory, research and analysis of the constituent elements of the entire information system. As part of the audit, the IT infrastructure is assessed for compliance with requirements, as well as the need and possibility of modernization. An important part of the audit is checking the system for reliability and security. First of all, IT audit is recommended for companies that want to check the effectiveness of their existing IT infrastructure. Thanks to the IT audit, the customer will receive information on how to use available resources as efficiently as possible, and recommendations for eliminating deficiencies and modernizing the IT system.

In addition, an IT infrastructure audit is a preliminary stage for concluding a service agreement with a company providing IT outsourcing services. The audit allows to calculate the cost of service in accordance with the customer’s needs and draw up a clear plan for the development of the customer’s IT system.

Rosukrep provides the following types of audits:

1. Technological audit of IT infrastructure:

  • inventory of active SPD equipment, servers and storage systems
  • expert analysis of existing problems and measures to prevent them
  • development of recommendations based on the results of the analysis

2. Audit of IT department and processes

  • collection and study of information relating to the above IT management processes in the Company
  • conducting interviews with Company employees involved in the above processes in order to confirm the operational efficiency of the processes
  • analysis and assessment of the current level of development/maturity of the above processes in accordance with the COBIT methodology
  • preparing of report

3. Information security audit

  • collection of initial data on information and telecommunications infrastructure
  • collection of initial data on information security measures used
  • collection of initial data on data processing systems: automated information systems and non-automated data processing systems
  • assessment of the current level of compliance with the requirements of Russian legislation
  • assessment of the current level of compliance with the best practices of information security equipment manufacturers
  • development of proposals for making changes to data processing processes in order to reduce the total costs of building a data protection system
  • development of an analytical report on an information security audit

Based on the audit results, we provide:

  • report on the current state of the IT infrastructure, business processes and information security system, including findings and conclusion
  • recommendations for eliminating deficiencies, proper operation and development of IT infrastructure, business processes and the customer’s information security system

Advantages of Rosukrep:

  • more than 10 years in IT sphere
  • individual approach to each client
  • certified service engineers with more than 5 years of experience
  • guarantee of the quality of services provided
  • efficiency in resolving any IT issues