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SOC as a service

The trigger for creating Security Operation Centers in companies is the need to protect against modern cyber threats to ensure the continuity of business processes and minimize reputational risks.

Security Operation Center is a division of a company that brings together people, technology, and processes to quickly respond and identify potential threats.

Rosukrep experts provide the following SOC services, both in combination and separately, depending on the Customer’s tasks:

  • creation of the SOC concept
  • design of IT infrastructure SOC
  • preparation of SOC documentation
  • process modernization
  • cyber attack simulator
  • consultations

Advantages of Rosukrep:

  • control of outsourced IT systems
  • unified scheme for working with incident data
  • coordinated work of experts on protection against cyber attacks
  • 24/7 protection
  • reduction in information security costs
  • compliance with standards (FZ-187)