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Information security design and implementation

Information security design and implementation

Information security systems are designed to develop recommendations, organizational and technical solutions to ensure the security of information resources that are stored, processed and transmitted via communication channels in computer networks and information systems of a company or enterprise.

An information security system consists of many components and levels. The components of an information security system are part of the information infrastructure of a company or enterprise. In addition to software and hardware, the information security system also includes organizational measures and IT processes.

Rosukrep provides services for building comprehensive information security systems that allow a company or enterprise to reduce the risks of threats to the security of information assets.

of designing an information security system from Rosukrep:

  • preparation of information security requirements
  • creation of organizational and technical measures to protect information
  • implementation of information security systems

we offer:

  • IT system perimeter protection
  • firewall
  • preventing network attacks
  • protection against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks
  • secure remote access to information resources
  • secure information portal
  • automated systems in a secure design
  • protection against insider actions
  • protection against malicious code
  • content filtering
  • channel protection (VPN)
  • analysis of information resource security
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Certification Authorities (CA)

Advantages of Rosukrep

  • cost reduction through the effective use of existing information security tools and systems
  • coordinated integration of the information security system with existing information security and IT management processes
  • creation of a universal, flexible and scalable information security system
  • regulation of internal business processes related to information security