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Data networks

The data transmission network (DTN) serves as a unified transport infrastructure that ensures the operation of automated systems of a modern enterprise. For companies that have a geographically distributed infrastructure, designing a multi-service data transmission network is especially important. Regardless of how far apart the company's branches or divisions are located, they can easily interact through a single corporate network.

We build:

  • geographically distributed WAN networks city, region and country scale
  • wired and wireless networks for office, building and building complex (campus)
  • converged data center networks
  • software-defined SDN networks and networks of traditional architecture Rosukrep performs a full cycle of work from system and detailed design to installation and commissioning

Construction and maintenance of SPD is one of the key competencies of Rosukrep. Specialists with the highest qualifications in the SPD industry (CCIE experts) and many years of experience in implementing projects and providing service support for networks of various sizes and complexity guarantee high quality work. Rosukrep engineers are certified by the following manufacturers - Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks, Huawei Technologies, Extreme Networks, HPE and others. When designing and building a data transmission network, we pay special attention to ensuring information security.