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Repairs and post-warranty support

Repairs and post-warranty support

For companies that want to optimize the cost of ownership, receive a high-quality guaranteed comprehensive technical support service and reduce the risks of equipment downtime, Rosukrep offers to use the post-warranty support service, including equipment removed from technical support (End of Support - EoS). This is especially relevant in the current geopolitical conditions, when many manufacturers have left the Russian market. As a solution to this problem, we can provide alternative support for such equipment.

As part of repairs and post-warranty support, Rosukrep provides the following services

  • localization and diagnosis of equipment faults - determining the location and cause of faults
  • repair and replacement of equipment - replacement or repair of faulty components and units included in the equipment, with the exception of battery modules/batteries of uninterruptible power supplies
  • 24/7 access to the hotline – hotline consultations. Access to the hotline is provided through one of the following means of communication: Internet, email, telephone
  • extended package of consulting services. Services included in the extended package of consulting services include: a) consultations on the operation of equipment, b) consultations on configuration and settings of equipment, c) consultations on changing or improving the functionality of equipment, d) consultations on localizing and diagnosing equipment faults and software
  • basic package of services for restoring embedded software - a service for restoring embedded software of equipment to restore functionality. The Customer receives a login to a specialized section of the site - granting access rights to the closed part of the Contractor’s site to monitor the status of applications, etc.

Advantages of Rosukrep

  • continued support for euipment of those vendors who left the Russian market
  • maintaining a high level of service quality in a cost-effective way
  • Rosukrep's portfolio includes support for equipment and software from domestic and global manufacturers
  • The company's engineers have certificates of IBM, HP, Microsoft, Lenovo, Cisco, Red Hat, etc.
  • Service contracts for post-EoS support are concluded for various periods (from a month to several years). One-time diagnostic work and remote support are possible.